Advantages and disadvantages of a VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network that provides organizations a cheap alternative to dedicated private networks. There are many reasons due to which organizations think about setting up a dedicated private network, but many of the organizations have to drop their plans of having a dedicated private network because the cost is too high. For such organizations, a VPN has been a boon as it provides the same benefits that a dedicated private network provides but at fewer prices. Whereas the VPN has several advantages, it has some disadvantages too. Let us have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the VPN.

Advantages of the VPN

Listed below are the advantages of the VPN:

Ease of implementation: Setting up the VPN for an organization is not a difficult task. Experts can setup the VPN for an organization without much hassle. In comparison to setting up a dedicated private network, configuring the VPN is much easier.

Security: One of the main reasons that led organizations to setup the VPN in data security. Even though, the VPN uses public networks to configure private network for an organization, it is a secure solution to protect organization data from being accessed and misused that could have been done on public networks without the VPN. The information transmitted on the VPN is encrypted in such a manner that it becomes useless for unauthorized users. The VPN uses Tunnelling, Authentication, Encryption, and Access Control features to provide the highest level of data security.

Cost: There was a time when the cost of setting up the VPN was a biggest concern for organizations, but now there are third-party vendors (ISPs) that can setup and manage the VPN for an organization while eliminating the need for building an in house setup that demands purchasing several equipment, employ a team, and so on.

Scalability: Using the VPN provides scalability because depending upon the requirement, an organization can anytime contact the ISP for an upgrade or downgrade. Also, you need not to worry about the quality, as your ISP will take care of that. On the other hand, with the private dedicated network, upgrading or degrading a network is not an easy task. Whether you upgrade your private network or degrade, it will demand big investment. By using the VPN, you can save you from this additional cost.

Disadvantages of the VPN

Using the VPN does not really have many disadvantages except the one, which is speed. Depending upon the bandwidth package decided between you and your ISP, the connection can be slow, as the bandwidth is divided between the available users and also the VPN has to do encryption.