How to hide, hack your IP address using proxy?

With spying and data monitoring going on a global scale, users often feel that websites can track them down and put them on the stand. Honestly, that’s usually not the case. Here are a couple of reasons, users might want to hide their IP addresses:

  • Prevent the web owners from tracking the user.
  • Hiding the geographical location.
  • Bypassing any kind of bans on their actual IP address.
  • Avoiding any kind of digital footprint.

Now bear that in mind, your location can be uncovered if necessary, but the searching party is going to need a strong legal reason to do so. However, if you are a web developer, your reasons for wanting to hide your IP address might be different.

  • You might need to test the configuration of a web server.
  • A firewall might be blocking you from accessing your own site.
  • You might want to try something which isn’t available in your location, such as Spotify or Hulu.
  • Or you might need to connect to a VPN Network.

These are just some of the reasons and the list can go on for a long time, so now let’s take a look at how to hide or change your IP through a proxy.

Option 1 – Simply tell your web browser

The simplest way for you is to tell your web browser to use a proxy. It’s a fairly simple process and you can find many tutorials and videos on the Internet, on this matter. First off, you need to find a proxy you can connect to. Websites like Digital Cyber Soft have a whole list of proxies you can use. Just select any proxy from the list. Now to use that IP.

In Firefox

  • Go to Tools -> Options -> Advance -> Networks and then to Settings.
  • Just check “Manual Proxy Configuration” and enter the selected proxy in to the textbox below.
  • Save this configuration and you are set to go.

In Chrome

  • Open up “Settings” from the upper right corner menu.
  • On the settings page type proxy in the text box available in the upper right.
  • Click on the “Change Proxy Settings” button.
  • Then click on “LAN Settings” and then check the “Use a proxy server for your LAN”.
  • Input the selected proxy and save the configuration to start browsing the web anonymously.

Option 2 – Install a Proxy Software

You can install a proxy software on your computer to mask your IP address. Software programs such as Hotspot Shield, Spotflux and Ultra Surf can easily mask your IP. You just have to turn the software on before getting on the web and you can easily browse the world wide web without worrying about any kind of trace or tracking.

Option 3 – Install Proxy Script on Your Web Server

If you own a webserver and you want to hide, change or mask your IP, you can get free scripts to do so. GlypeProxy is such a free script, which comes with a fully functional control panel. With this panel you can monitor the activities of your visitors along with many other cool features.

With the masking you can ensure that no one steals your sensitive information, you won’t be targeted with ads and your overall experience will be much safer.

Just before you install any script on your server, make sure that you have the permission to do so from your service provider.


You can also make use of VPN networks to hide your IP address but when using these services from any third party, make sure to be very careful as they are known to have put malicious code up there, which could seriously harm your computer.